Rhinoceros User Looking for New Software to Assist 3D Print Prep

I’m an advanced rhino user, and I just got myself a copy of zbrush. It is interesting, and I do see that its very powerful in some respects, but it is so different from the other CAD software I use. I’m a bit frustrated learning the workflow. Is there any way to dimension, or move elements fixed units? I find the zoom functionality very strange. I’m wondering if there is another software that would help assist me in print preparation better? Shelling Objects, Making Snap Connections, Combining Meshes. What about Solidworks, Inventor, Maya. Are any of these better fabrication / documentation tools?

Maya and MAX (Maya user) will allow you to do this and are closer to Rhino in that you can specifically scale, rot, trans etc. with precision. Your probably better off with something like MAX from Rhino. zbrush and (I use mudbox) are really surface and sculpting tools that thow in themselves are accurate are not ment to make ‘dimensional’ 3d objects but rather aesthetic.

Forgot to add that as a Rhino user, you would be comfortable with Maya’s Nurbs geometries (which make shelling a pain but possible)

I’m also a Rhino user and used Max as well in the past.

I changed Max for Modo. It is way cheaper, much better tools for poly modelling, integrated render engine and very nice training material and community.

Check out the plugins here: https://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/modo/plugins/

This one can help to get things back to rhino or SolidWorks.

It was my first impression that zbrush is really only good for adding surface detail, but then I started to watch videos like the helmet modeling tutorial. This was really cool

I would like to be able to quickly mass out shapes like this, but then hone in on accuracy. Am I better off just getting T-splines for Rhino?

Dynamesh seems very powerful, but unfortunately, It can’t help me combine and unify 3-5,000 separate meshes at a time, according to the pixologic Staff. I prepare architectural models / intallation models for a living, and I need to find software that can help me do this. any ideas?

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