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Hello, can someone tell me how many k the Form 3 printer prints with? I was asked about it, but couldn’t find anything about it. If 25 micron is the lowest resolution, what is it? 4k, 6k, or 8k? Thank you for your answers.

The Form3 is a SLA printer. It uses a laser beam. You are talking about LCD/DLP printers that use a pixel display device (a LCD display or DLP projector). The two systems cannot be directly compared because they work in different ways.

This link explains the minimum feature sizes of things you can print with a FormLabs printer.

Design specifications for 3D models (Form 3/Form 3B)

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As @Randy_Cohen says, you cannot compare them directly.
First, 25um is the minimum layer height, that’s Z axys, and is equivalent in many DLP or Screen printers.
The spot size is 85um. If you want to compare with a DLP machine, you should calculate the size of one pixel in those machines, and this changes with build volume, so it is not possible to say it is comparable to 1k, 2k, 4k… Take a DLP machine you want to compare with, calculate pixel size and see for yourself.
Also, be aware that neither Form 3 can really make point of 0.85um, neither DLP machines can print single pixel features, so any comparison should be done with a grain of salt, and the link sent bt Randy it is pretty usefull to know the capabilities of the form 3 (and even those change with the material, same as with DLP)

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