Resins for Candlesticks

What resins would be best to print candlesticks? Are the resins flammable?


They are quite flammable but you do NOT want to breathe in the combustion fumes.

Ideally I think you want to print a mold then cast your wax. Using High Temp (and a controlled heat source) you might be able to get away with printing a negative mold and directly casting your wax inside of it.

There is a new Castable Wax Resin but I don’t think it’s intended for this purpose and I’m not sure how safe the combustion fumes would be (i.e. I’m not sure I’d want to try directly printing your candlesticks using it unless it’s just a display model or something). Of course you could use it to make durable metal molds.

Traditionally silver candlesticks were made of very thin metal (~0.1 mm) and filled with pitch. So the main body of the candlestick would be OK if it was printed. But you would have to think carefully about the cup that holds the candle and how it could dissipate the heat if the candle was allowed to burn down to stub end.