Real time feedback/view of the supports and red shaded areas

Since there is no manual support control, and sometimes generating supports and adjusting settings and generating them again, can be tedious and frustrating, it would be nice if the supports can be “real-time”. Meaning if we make a change in the settings, rotate the model, move it, then the supports will follow along and the red shaded areas would update in real-time too. This will also help if for example there is that one support that is on a detail that we don’t want it to be on, then by rotating the model a bit, the support tip position will change, so that we don’t have to play the guessing game.

Now I know this probably would very processor-intensive, but for those of us with high-end systems, and graphics cards that can handle this sort of thing, it maybe can be on option to turn on/off.

What do you guys think?