PU Rigid Resins - Residential

I notice this disclaimer on the store page for PU Rigid 650 and PU Rigid 1000:

For commercial and research use only. Not for use in or around households or residences, or for recreation purposes, or outside of a commercial or research facility or institution.

The safety data sheets say:

Uses Advised Against: Not for consumer use
Reasons Why Uses Advised Against: Not determined or not applicable.

Can anyone shed light on the reason(s)? Does it have to do with the isocyanates?

Hi @rkagerer ,

Although I am not sure the exact reason myself, I have reached out to some members on the Materials Team to see what information we have on that. I will be sure to ping you once I hear back!

HI @rkagerer,

I heard back and have some more information to share!

A chemical substance present in both PU Rigid 650 and PU Rigid 1000 is subject to a Significant New Use Rule (SNUR). In particular, EPA has determined that this specific chemical substance is not likely to present an unreasonable safety risk when used industrially or commercially. Therefore, industrial and commercial uses of PU Rigid 650 and PU Rigid 1000 do not require any formal actions.

By contrast, there is not enough substantial data on consumer use available yet. Therefore, consumer use (e.g. use in households or schools) is considered by the EPA as a significant new use and anyone intending to use PU Rigid 650 and PU Rigid 1000 outside industrial and commercial use would have to file a significant new use notice (SNUN) to EPA at least 90 days prior to doing so.

I hope this helps!

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