Printing with just the Color Base?

Is it possible to print with just the color base resin and no pigments? Or do the pigments contain some sort of catalyst for the UV curing? Some came in the mail, I didn’t think I ordered it but it’s here and we need to keep printing!

I would think you can, since the resin is designed to support a variable amount of pigments it can probably support none.

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Hello there! That’s a terrific question. I don’t think we’ve done much internal testing with the Color base sans pigment, but I suspect it would work OK. That being said, even if it doesn’t, the worst thing I’d expect to see is slight accuracy issues, certainly nothing catastrophic so feel free to give it a shot!

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Thanks for the replies! I will let you all know if there’s any issues.

Set up to print last night with a fresh resin tank and unpigmented color cartridge. Used default support settings and custom orientation due to the specific locations of the vents as these were hollow parts. Came in this morning to a resin tank error. I can’t see through the opaque resin, but I suspect that there is a nice thick layer cured to the print surface on the optical window. Judging by the artifacts on the failed print, I’d venture a guess that the layers massively overexposed due to light diffusing through the resin. I just might have enough clear resin left to print the one part that I need, so I will switch it out and chock this up to a failed experiment. I recommend not doing this. This will be my first failed print after having this printer for 3+ months.

Moral of the story: Formlabs products are well tested and will work fantastically if used as intended. Using them not as intended may produce unexpected results. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Just a note: the walls in the model were 0.125" thick. I checked them in the failed print at ~0.1875".

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