Printing a casting mold using Form1

I am looking for some backup on this idea, whether it is feasible or not.

I would like to use a form1 to print a casting mold for a complex shape (A scuba diving mask skirt) The casting material is very soft (think rubber band) liquid silicone. I would print the mold (I was thinking 1/16" thickness) and injection the liquid silicone directly into it (very low pressure). I would then break off the SLA mold revealing the silicone part.

Does it sound like it would work?




I do not see why your idea would not work.  Instead of breaking off the SLA mold, why not make it a 2 or 3 part mold and just separate it and then extract your part.  Then you can use the mold multiple times.


Consider a wall thickness of 1/4" per 6", all walls consistent thickness. Also, create holes for long screws to hold mold parts together? Just an idea. In this way several parts could be made and tested, with different durometer materials.