Print size vs quality

i know the build plate is 120x120 mm will you be able to still get a 30 micron resolution at the full 120x120 mm?
thnak you

depends on typical layer area. you cannot print a solid block the size of the print build volume and expect it to work. it won’t.

this was a detailed piece i will post a photo

it almost looks like the formlabs print is out of focus or blurred

It’s 300, not 30 um and it’s the minimum feature size, not the resolution. In other words, you can expect it to draw a single dot that is no smaller than 0.3mm, however, it can draw a line that will not be quantized (i.e. stairstep) in 0.3mm steps (but will be much smoother).

The resolution should not change over the surface of the build volume cross-section, as to my understanding, the galvo drivers deal with the non-linearity.

The minimum feature size might, however, because the laser beam is not collimated (so it’s focus might drift, along with the intensity and size of the unwanted features like internal reflections).

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