Porsche giving away Cayman STL

Hi guys!

I just stumbled over this thread, but unfortunately the original file(s) is not available anymore. I did download the adapted versions by Jesse, but if anyone has the original available for me to play with, I’d be very grateful!


I just tried to but its like 93 MB & there’s a 20mb limit, I could try to email it to you?

E-mailing would be certainly acceptable, otherwise using Dropbox, Google Drive or wetransfer,com would work for me as well.

My email address is: avdleeuw (the at sign) gmail (the dot thingy) com

Thanks in advance!!

no prob, its on the way!

Adam, can you share you .form file for the print above?  I’m still having issues getting supports just right and failed prints.  I want to see how you set it up.

Ard – did you get the original file?  If so, do you mind sharing with me?  Dropbox or email would be easiest: holloway2dlt [at] gmail [dot] com.




I got the file from Vince, and I’ll make sure you get it as well!


I would love to get my hands on that file as well. If you find the time, please send me a link to the file at sh_formlabs [at] miniinfo [dot] net


The files I optimized have plenty of detail and are scaled for the form1, the original file was actually 1:1 and had errors.


Here is the original file too.


Thanks, guys. Does anyone know, by the way, why Porsche removed the original files? Was it just a limited time thing?