Plating plastics from Caswell

Got this in my email, looks like it might work with the printed parts. Curious if others have used it before and how are the results?

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You can plate with very thin copper at room temperature without electricity (it’s really a coating). You need to plate with copper first regardless of what electroless kit you want to use (nickel, tin, etc.)

The electroless kits (step 2) require a bunch of heat to be effective. You may need to use the high temp material for it to work without melting/distorting the part.

The first kit is:

Says 100°F which the Formlabs resins will hold up to without any problems. I have only plated metals in the past. Thought this might be useful.


great… another thing to spend money on that I dont need because I never use my printer anyway :slight_smile: haha