Pinshape updates?


Hi There
Thsi is a question about Pinshape, owned by Formlabs, but I cannot get in contact directly with Formlabs or Pinshape, so I throw my question here.
I don’t see any blog/twitter/instagram/contests etc update for several months now, and I don’t get any email returned, while the costumer service before was pretty good.
I’m still getting paid on the 15 of the month, but I wonder what’s going on.
Has Formlabs left Pinshape with no supervision?
Is this website going to close soon?
Does anyone have better info about this situation?

Thank you!


Hi Morena,

This is Lauren - I used to lead the community on Pinshape and we’ve spoken before. Thanks for your question regarding Pinshape. I’m happy to say the website and community is still active, healthy, and growing. We have taken a break from the contests, though we do plan to get those back up and running again soon with the hire of a new community manager in March. I’d be happy to answer any other questions you have. Please feel free to email me directly at [email protected].