Owl Print!

Dolls, it’s kind of my thing. I decided that making a tiny owl would be interesting, with movable wings and head. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to shoving eyes into my owl yet, but he’s still cute.


Hey, that’s really cute - nice design, nice finishing!

Thanks! Archie is printed in Clear, then sanded and primed in white. I’m still not sure what kind of coloring I want on him… though, I REALLY like the matte white.

Right now I’ve got an unfinished owl printed and waiting to be finished. Heck, one of his parts is still sitting ON the printer as I type this! The second owl is a scaled up version of Archie. I’m dying to get him cleaned up and looking as nice as the small one! <3

I’d been sketching this type of owl for a while… and ended up combining several of the design elements on the model. At one point I wasn’t going to put in the little horns. Glad that those ended up back in the design, since it gives him so much personality.

One of the next ‘small’ models I want to make is a little frog (coqui!). That one will be more complex, since it’ll have feet. For amusement sake, I might name the frog Cookie. My ‘big’ model that I’m beating my head against is a mermaid. :wink:

This is awesome! Seriously awesome finish. What did it look like in the clear before you painted it?

Here he is as he was coming off the printer. The wings were the first pieces that were printed, so they were already removed from their supports in this shot. Other than those, it’s pretty much fresh from an alcohol bath. ^.~

<img src=https://farm1.staticflickr.com/444/18951709098_959c5d0d6a_z.jpg">

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So cute! Although without eyes it’s a tad on the creepy side.

OHHH I would’ve been tempted to polish it up and keep it clear! It look so cool!

Nice print! What software did you use to model your owl @CatherineHajek?