Orthodontic softwares

Just wondering what’s the best software for an orthodontic lab. I want to use it for making aligners, orthognathic surgery splints and surgical guides. Also if it can be used for arch measurements or can import images from computed tomography it’s a plus
So far I found 3 Shape Ortho, Maestro 3D, OnyChepf 3D Lab, Exocad 3D Ortho, Romexis but just can’t decide which one to buy.


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We recently announced an integration with 3Shape that streamlines the process of creating Dental Surgical Guides. I’ve not explored the software too much and other practitioners might have a better idea for the functionality of the software and applicability for things like aligners and surgical splints. The Digital Dental Model Production White Paper by Dr. Michael Scherer, DMD, MS also goes through his personal workflow.

We use Maestro at the moment. We’ve tried 3shape as well. Exocad looks excellent but is still not ready for release. I’ve never heard of OnyChepf 3D Lab. Do you have a link?

here we go : http://www.onyxceph.de/


what software did you choose?