Nickel plating GreyPro parts

I want to bright Nickel plate parts made on a Form3 using Clear and/or GreyPro resin for a model railroad application. Currently, the tire (rim) is machined brass that’s bright Nickel plated by itself. It’s then placed in a 4-cavity injection mold core/cavity set manually to fill the center with ABS. If plating either of these resins is doable and cheaper than the multi-step process I’m now using, I’d like to investigate further. Buying a kit with all chemicals included would be ideal. The part diameter is approximately 1/2"; thickness about 1/8". I’d want to plate many at a time in a tank. Suggestions?

Formlabs et al. made a webinar about plating printed parts with copper and/or nickel:

I’d say this proves that it’s doable but I have no idea if it is cheaper as well, since I don’t know the exact process or the expenses, tbh. I hope this helps though.

I think plating is likely too expensive for the 2000+ model railroad wheels I want to make. I have about 1100 machined brass tires that are NP’d but was looking at using the Form3 to produce the entire wheel that would be plated. Will keep looking. Thx.