New Year Wish List for the Form 2 and 3?

Well its fast approaching 2020, and one is left thinking what the new year will hold. It’s a family tradition here to write a new year wish list and to then review it on the following New Years Eve – just to see how much of the wish list became a reality.

So, my personal wish list for 2020

1: The Form 3 being finished, beta testing (by customers paying for the privilege) over and finally the Form 3 becoming a really special printer that’s reliable, and offers the same degree of material selection and resins as the Form 2 (INCLUDING the option to use third party resins via an “open” mode) but with a bigger build volume than the Form 2.

2: Formlabs to realise it killed a valuable income stream when it decided to discontinue the Form2

3: Formlabs to either continue manufacturing / supporting the Form 2, or to offer it to a third party company to produce / maintain under a commercial licence (Hint – surely this makes good commercial sense? especially with a company with perhaps greater skills and experience in producing electro mechanical products consistently with cost efficiency)

4: Formlabs to release a new and improved wash / cure station.


I second this. My company is buying up used Form 2 machines at a discount because they are absolute workhorses for production. Hopefully in a few years there’s something better on the market to replace them with, but it’d be great to keep them running longer with vats and supplies and spare parts, especially the laser which I understand has a limited lifetime.

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I agree on Formlabs continuing to support the Form 2. I for one am moving away from the Formlabs printers. I canceled my order for the Form 3 mainly because it doesn’t support Open Mode.
I’m in the process of selling off my 3D print business.