New Rebound Resin

Will this new resin ( Rebound Resin ) created for NB be available in the store?
And is it only for the form 3?

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This is something I would also very much like to know. It would be a potentially perfect material for some of my projects and it would be fantastic to be able to use it in a Form 2.

Not in the near future - see Check Out the New Balance 990 Sport TripleCell Athletic Shoes; Developed in Collaboration with Formlabs! - #3 by DKirch

Update: Rebound Resin is now available beyond the New Balance relationship for other applications. Rebound Resin is a high performance elastomeric material that has a more involved usage workflow and requires specialized equipment. It will not be available in the store, but for those who have a specific application in mind and could perceive meeting a minimum order quantity we suggest reaching out to our consulting team to learn more. More information at: