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Check Out the New Balance 990 Sport TripleCell Athletic Shoes; Developed in Collaboration with Formlabs!


New Balance needed a 3D printing material that would withstand the necessary manufacturing and end-use applications, plus offer performance beyond what’s possible with foam—but it didn’t exist.

The Formlabs materials team collaborated with the company to develop a completely new material from the ground up. The result is Rebound Resin. Designed to create springy, resilient lattice structures, Rebound Resin has a much higher energy return, tear strength, and elongation than any other Formlabs stereolithography (SLA) resin.

Following a robust R&D program iterating through hundreds of exploratory material formulations to create Rebound Resin, Formlabs worked closely with New Balance to develop a production system to bring TripleCell to life and fully realize the benefits of the new 3D printing material.

TripleCell technology is now scaling exclusively within New Balance factories in the US. Next year, New Balance plans to scale up production to over 10,000 pairs per year of TripleCell products. Moving forward, TripleCell provides the foundation for leveraging unique athlete data and performance insights to create custom footwear in limitless combinations and produce it on demand, reducing development timelines and condensing delivery from concept to consumer.

Check it out here if you’re in the market for new running shoes!

To celebrate this launch, we’re giving away $200 in New Balance credit to spend on a pair of TripleCell 990 sneakers printed with Formlabs. Here’s how to enter.
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We’ll randomly select a lucky winner on July 2.

Contest rules can be found below.
New Balance Sweepstakes - Official Rules.pdf (78.7 KB)


So the question on everyone’s mind: is this is a material that will be available to Form customers or is this something new balance will keep in house?

Very cool regardless.


Hey @Shawn_Shelton!

That’s a terrific question. For the moment this material was developed with New Balance specifically so the material is proprietary.

We also think it’s pretty cool!

New Rebound Resin

Must be smelly stuff as all the Form 2’s are inside a cabinet.

Nonetheless, pretty cool indeed! :slight_smile:

  • Is that true that the heel has the same cushioning behavior as a classic model and is only 10% lighter?

  • How long does the shoe last compared to a normal running shoe?

  • How does the elastic material behave at low and high temperatures?

  • How much energy can the shoe sole store and return to the runner?

  • What justifies a price of around $ 180 for a pair of shoes?

“[The design] has to be able to give back energy, to have a good feel when you’re using them to run and walk,” Lakatos said in a phone interview.

Welcome to the post-factual age!