New durable material

Does anyone know when the new durable resin is going to be available?

Well, the store says it is shipping in May 2017.

You can order it now from the store :slight_smile: There’s a 2 week lead time but Durable is available and shipping.

Any chance you could print something for me so I could test it before spending money? I already have your tough resin, and I’m a little disappointment in it. I think I like V2 better than V3.

I’m surprised you prefer V2 over V3 having used a fair bit of both. Is the greater flexibility of V2 more useful for your applications?

In any case, the sample request form has been updated with Durable, and if you’re looking for a custom sample, our sales team can help out.

It seems there was an error in the store this morning, and it’s been corrected. Thanks for catching the lead time, Kevin.


Though the new tough resin is stronger, it’s more brittle than the previous version. Plus It’s a real pain to get off the build platform. The base is very brittle, it breaks when you attempt to pry it off. which has an effect on the finished model. I have to resort to a chisel the get the resin off the build platform. V2 had some flexibility to it and you could work it and get larger prints of fairly easily.

Cork Sauve

If you apply some heat, you should have a much easier time removing the rafts. A hair dryer on low works wonders.