New digital forge 3d resin


What happened to Digital Forge3D? Did they go out of business. I only now have come across this resin. I would love to order drums of this…


@daisosasen01 Same, doesn’t resolve any longer, domain name shows renewed until June this year. The Collector’s Showcase was the developer of the Digital Forge resins, @oberst3221 any chance this resin is coming back in any form or is it gone for good?


I contacted Brian at Collectors Showcase on May 27 about resin, his reply was
“Trying to get more made: very hard”.


Digital Forge now available again! :grinning:Just got some of their newer material they revamped their site and material for Form2 and 3. Got some really good prints so far. I didn’t really need to post cure my parts either. Seemed to be cured pretty well. I few of the Lattices on some of the more elongated pieces were tough. But all and all working well on my new Form3. Love the price point of course. Its the same web address as before:


Thanks for the update. I just ordered 3L of the DF grey.


I placed an order a couple weeks ago, but haven’t heard anything since. I reached out on their website and their support email address. Do you know how to get in contact with them?

Update: I called Collectors Showcase and got it figured out