More friendly resin for Formlabs to aspire to?

Anycubic plant-based UV resin: an SLA resin made from plants. This biological base helps the liquid resin break down faster and safer, keeping human irritants to a minimum.
3Dresyns for SLA: they offer a wide selection of less toxic options, but their website also gives you the lowdown on what each resin is made out of and what it’s best at building.
eSun bio-based PLA crossover SLA resin: eSun harnesses the biodegradability of PLA filament to create an SLA 3D printing resin. If you’re familiar with the properties of PLA, eSun’s liquid version is 100% compatible with SLA printers and brings its best attributes to your photochemical process.


I think that 3dresyns resins are the worst option