Material Dye

I was wondering if anyone has experimented with this. I am looking to block a UV laser once the material is cured. Right now I am using high temp resin but have considered either trying to add dye or mixing it with the flexible resin as they have similar enough temperatures. The biggest reason we use high temp is that it is much more ridged then other resins. The high temperature properties also make it easy to prototype to our full range.

We’ve had very good luck testing with resin obsession brand color pigments combined with clear.

Thank you for the tip. It took me a moment to realize it was a brand name.
I found it here for a 10 pack. I may just get a few colors instead

8 bucks for 1 bottle isn’t to bad.

I will share my results once I have some.

Here is a sample of their opaque blue mixed into Formlabs clear resin


How many drops per liter?

It’s kind of an add as you go until you get the desired color. Put a couple drops in the cartridge, shake it up, and put more in if it doesn’t look like how you want it.