Making ergonomic handles with Flexible + Clear Resin

When we heard about the new Flexible material from Formlabs our first thought was how it would help us iterate faster on products that have an overmolded rubber component. To get to know the materials + try out some of the unique advantages of 3D printing we came up with this design for a file handle that uses a series of internal channels to connect the rubber grips. We were also able to have a nicely visible company name built right into the part so that the tools always come back to the right place.

And if the handle does walk off (in a shared shop scenario) we can always reprint another one that perfectly matches our ergonomic preferences + needs.


Nice work. Would you mind posting the .STL file for the grip?

which version of transparent resin did you use?
When I print transparent objects becomes really yellowish just during the printing procedure and when I post-cure it becomes very yellowish.

How can you prevent it?


We printed the clear part with the standard Formlabs clear resin, their current version. We sanded it up to 5000 grit to get it as transparent as possible.

You can download the grip parts from our website here:

I’ve got a weird experimental idea for making the logo inside the handle pop even more.

Print as you did, with hollow logo + drain holes / grip bond holes leading into the letters.
Then mix up some water and dye in your favourite color and dissolve salt in it.
Pour the mix inside the logo through the drain holes until you top up the letters, but NOT the drain holes.

Then immobilize the handle, and very very slowly pour clear resin through the holes until you fill them up. The resin should float on top of the dyed saline inside the logo and only fill the holes.

Finally, zap the holes with UV light to cure the resin, finalizing the handle.

Net result - colored logo inside a printed handle with no visible entry points.

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@Ante_Vukorepa that’s a great idea- it would be nice to have a little pop of color right at the center of everything

Try a little polyurethane adhesive like Gorilla Glue and should hold it in place. That adhesive will fill gaps and stay flexible.