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Looking for someone to print in Medical grade material

I have a device that is going to be in someone’s mouth for an extended period of time. I’m looking for someone that has the Biomed Clear material. Can these parts withstand being submersed in boiling water?

I don’t have the Biomed Clear resin but I have 2 medical grade biocompatible materials and I can print parts for you if needed.

Dental SG for surgical guides and I have another resin from NEXTDENT called C&B MFH but is white .

Both can be sterilised in a autoclave or withstand boiling water.

Dental SG is not suitable for long periods of time in contact with skin/mucosa but the C&B resin is suitable for long periods of time in contact with skin/mucosas as is designed to manufacture dental crowns and bridges.

Any color is fine with me. I just need it to be fairly rigid, able to withstand boiling water and safe to stay in the mouth for extended periods of time. This is something a person would have in his mouth overnight every night.

If you want, you can send the file to: and I can quote the printing service.

3D printing with the NextDent C&B MFH will be ideal because it have all the certifications to be in the mouth for long periods of time.

Thank you and kind regards

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