Longest exposure time

I am trying to print with a material called ferolite from Tethon3D. This is an iron filled resin.
For this material it is recomended to print with the longest exposure time possible. I tried searching which resin had the longest exposure time and I could only find a topic about resin exposure times from 2015. Does anyone know which resin has the longest exposure time, or does anyone have a list of exposure times for the different resins?

Probably Black resin, as it has a quite high pigment loading and those black pigments absorb a lot of light.

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What about ceramic resin? Wouldn’t that have quite a long exposure time?

Someone told me that the high temp resin and other resins with fillers have the longerst exposure time.

Please let us know the result with the ferrolite!! I’m using the Tethon vitrolite a lot but still want to experiment with ferrolite.

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