Log file of prints

I’d love it if any time I started a print on the printer it would generate a log file somewhere that I could reference. I’m imagining just a simple table with basic info. Some of the information I would love to see


-file name printed

-approx ml used

-and a note section where I can write any notes or reminders for future use

I could make a table and manually enter it… but it would be nice…  : )  Sometimes it’s hard to remember which file I used, or how many prints I’ve done, so it would make tracking things easier.

This is a great idea. We have multiple users and want to track print date, estimated time, actual start/finish time, resin use for each person in our lab. As mentioned above, this is something that we’re tracking on paper/online, but surely this information is available in the instrument somewhere…right?

Good suggestion…I’ve placed this in our feature list to consider. Thanks for the insight!