Living Hinges in Tough 1500. Any design guidance?

I want to iterate prototypes for a part intended to be injection molded in polyproylene, culminating in 3d printed molds for final verification in high temp resin (in fact this is what I’ve bought my form 2 for).
It has some critical living hinges : each needing about 100 degrees of movement, and each 25mm long.

Can I design them to work in Tough 1500, (with which I gather it is possible to make living hinges according to formlab). If so, does anyone have any dimensions & geometry they could share of one(s) which work, as I’m not sure how to start/ modify what I have in the part, and in particular would be expected to work when then injection molded. I have not been able to find any information on the web with guidelines for designing living hinges for 3d printing esp. in this new resin, albeit I’ve found plenty for the design of injection molded hinges. Without a design guide, at least an example would be a cracking start (well I hope not… lol).

I don’t want to commit to buying the resin, if I can’t get it to work in a way which helps me refine this part design for injection molding.