Is the form1 mature enough to use is production?

Just so I’m not misunderstanding, you have to put $8000 worth of resin in the machine before it can print? That is horrifically expensive!

Jason - Correct. $8K of goop to get her going. That was 1 reason why I don’t have 1 now.

We are using the 1+ printer in a low-intensity production environment. Approximately 15 prints a month (@approx. 20ml per print). Our application is dimensionally sensitive, and the parts have fit perfectly. It paid for itself after the 12th print (ROI=less than a month). The alternative printer for our application would have been an Envisiontec, which would have been way more expensive.

We have had it for 9 months without a failure. White resin works best. I can definitely endorse this printer for continuous production.

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