Any experience with Stratasys Objet 24?

We have used a Form 1 and Form 1+ for a good while now with varying degrees of success, the machines have more than paid for themselves ! However, we want to add a higher end printer to our “stable” (while still keeping and using the Form 1+ for smaller jobs).

Anyone who has or has used a Stratasys Objet 24 or 30 have any insight with respect to their use, accuracy, reliability, cost of materials etc.



Good friend of mine has the 30. I’ve sent him your question and he will get back to me with his thoughts.

Ok here’s what he said,

“realistically we need both the makerbots and the objet as we use them both for very different things. The objet isn’t good for structural stuff. The material with it is very brittle. But for visual stuff it’s excellent as it can be easily sanded, tapped, painted etc. The best thing is you never have to worry about a print coming out weird. If it fits on the bed it will print without failure! The material is expensive for sure, and that’s a killer depending on what your doing. A single print can cost us over £500. An average sized print tends to cost us around £80-100. It’s also not a quick process to remove the support material on fiddly bits. It’s easy but time consuming”

Hope that is of some help.

Thank you Gary, your friend’s comments are very helpful !

No bother at all. From the sounds of it, the materials and post work are similar to the form 1+ with a bigger build volume. As he said, it depends what you need the models for.

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