Impact Resistance

We are currently using a Fuse 1 and Nylon 12. Our product needs to be able to withstand a drop of 4 ft. It does not. Would we be better switching to Nylon 11 CF?

Keep in mind that recycled material is more brittle than brand new nylon. So let´s say you use 50% refreshrate, your prints will become more and more brittle the more you recycle the material. How i have dealt with this is that every two weeks i empty my sift on powder. That way i get my recycled powder down to a minimum and fill up the fresh hopper with new material. I usually time this when the fresh hopper is low so i do a cleanup of the sift since im already emptying it.

If you try to print with let´s say 70% refreshrate you should see an increase in durability in your prints.

If 70% is insufficient for your needs then you might have to up the refreshrate even higher.

On Nylon 11 CF i have no experience sadly. We used Nylon 12 and then stepped up to Nylon 12 GF for the higher tempresistance abilities.

Good luck and update us if you manage to achieve your desired results. Im quite interested in this topic.

Cheers and have a good week.

Well, we just threw the test piece of nylon 11 cf info cement. Looks like it’d hold up way better. Thx for the response.

Nylon 11 CF should be better, as well as Nylon 11.

You can take scroll down to the spider chart to see that Nylon 11 and 11CF both have a much higher Izod Impact strength rating than Nylon 12

Thank you very much