I have my Form 2 ... a couple of questions

After much delay in shipping … today I have received my new Form 2.

I was surprised, because I read here in the forum some user that the printer comes in a package, and resins and other accessories in other boxes.

I just receive it and came to me all together in a box. It has come from UK (I thought it would come from Germany … it is not in Germany where the headquarters is?)

I have not had time to open it, only the main case … by the way, the box comes with many blows … inside boxes seem to be perfect :slight_smile:

What caught my attention is that when you open the large box, along with other material, I found this loose cable.

Is this normal ?, i imagine that the machine will come with English plug … and this is plug adapter (not know until I do not open) for Spain.

But if it is the adapter, it seems to me that “throw” inside the box in this way is very ugly.

I’ll open morning

Best regards

Hello Oscar,

congrats to your new printer.
In my case it was the same. Printer and resin came in one package. And the cable was loose too.
Isn’t it a Type F (Schuko)? I think it should be for spain. I’m quite sure it will fit. :slight_smile:

best regards

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I don’t recall what came with mine, but I seem to remember it was a Schuko, i.e., correct for Spain.
If it isn’t, it’s no big deal: Schuko to IEC320 cables are all over the place.
Have fun with your printer!

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Hi @Schoner & @Alfredo_Sola

thank you for confirming :grin:

I am looking forward to try it!

Best regards

Mine came to the UK and the power cable was put in loose too. I think thats OK as they probably ship them all over the place and have to put different plugs in every box.

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Thank you!

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