How to print without supports?!

Thank you soooo much for all the help brother, I really appreciate it. These new designs look very good, however is there anyway i can do it so that there are no vertical supports? we are planning on doing some pressure testing and i would need the box to compress down. Thanks again man!!!

Hmmm. Removing the vertical pieces and only leaving the Xs isn’t going to make this much more compressible. Those X cross members aren’t going to compress, they’re going to need to buckle, and the criss-crossed structure is resistant to that, which is why the Eiffel Tower is made from lattice trusses like you’ve designed here. And while the Flexible and Tough resins are much more resistant to stress fracture than the “normal” resins (Clear/White/Black), I think any appreciable compression even with Flexible will result in components of the structure breaking.

And if you expect to get any “spring” action from it (it uncompresses when you let go) I think you’re also likely to be disappointed.

I get a chance tomorrow, I’ll make that change for you though. It’s only a few minutes work…

Yes, I understand that, that is the whole point of this experiment. We are trying to see how much pressure it takes for the structure to break internally and then we will begin adding different resins and other materials in between the lattice to see how much more resistant to breakage the structure will be after the resins are put in place. Thanks again soooo much man you are a lifesaver.

Those thin X parts may not print correctly considering how thin they are. They might end up warped which I’ve had happen with very thin parts

Found 15 minutes with nothing better to do. Here’s a model file that’s “clean” geometry. Everything attached to everything else, no overlapping polys, no non-manifold edges.

I made the top and bottom pieces thicker. Preform was happier rigging supports on the thicker plates.

I also made the stanchions bigger and I added more of them spaced more closely together. If you’re going to compress the structure, you don’t want the posts it’s riding on to collapse.

Still needs some manual support placement work. But with patience, you stand a reasonable chance of getting it to print.

Note though that the lattice is really very thin. I think you’ll find it to be very fragile. You may want to edit the STL to fatten up all the crossmembers.

Lattice.stl (133.5 KB)

Could you tell me what program you are using by chance? dont mean to be a bother but i also do not need those round supports at the bottom. I can do it myself but i do not think that will work well with blender.

Ought to be easy with Blender or anything else. Delete the polys for the stanchions and then take all the points that outline the hole that remains and delete them and the polygon should close up over the hole.

But it was just as easy to export an STL of the geometry before I’d added the stanchions. Attached. Lattice No Stanchions.stl (100.7 KB)

I did this particular model using my 3D animation/rendering software, Lightwave3D. I tend to use it for simpler objects like this. Much less effort to set up than if I was designing with something like SolidWorks.

I tried that, but the blender software would not open the file you sent me. There is an option to import stl on blender, but i tried it and it did not work.

I think i found the issue, when i go to save it it saves it as a .form file and not .stl. why is this???

PreForm isn’t an editor. It imports files in STL but it saves them in its own native FORM format, which includes the geometry but also presumably settings for supports and position on the build plate and maybe resin selection.

For editing, you need to stick with the STL. Blender should open the file I attached above, no problem…

thanks man!!! Seriously cant thank you enough.

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