How I can generate pictures of a 3D animation?


a 3D agency have built a 3D animation like this for my business. Now I want generate high-quality pictures of the 3D Animation. How I can realize that. Thanks

Looks like they do several things–for nice looking videos and images you just need a 3D software for rendering, for simplicity there’s software like Keyshot, for more advanced stuff I’d say 3ds Max as the 3D software along with Vray as the renderer.

Besides that though it looks like they do some mobile interactive 3D apps which can be done using the Unity 3D game engine or Unreal Engine 4, both are free to download and have some options for commercial use.

Hi Jan1980,

these seem to be interactive 3D animations.
If you have the open 3D data you can generate the high resolution stills yourself. Otherwise you could create screenshots at the highest possible resolution.

But the easiest way is to ask your 3D agency directly.

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Wow, this is an old thread!

If you want static animations, i.e. like an .mp4 file or .avi file, then there are an enormous number of options. I usually use something like PoVRay, but perhaps that’s showing how old I am. This can be easily parallel processed, so you can generate animation frames fairly quickly, at whatever level of realism you would like.

If you want truly interactive and dynamic graphics you’d probably want it to be on a machine with a good GPU. There are excellent web interfaces for this kind of thing, like WebGL.

These are a bit more old-fashioned options than what Zachary is suggesting.

It is. But the good news is, very few will have any idea what you’re talking about. :slight_smile: