How do you print a block?

Hi There,

I am trying to print a block with High Temp resin V1. I have not succeeded printing it without warping. I have tried without support (Highlighted face on the build plate)

and with support. (This is actually printed by Formlabs team), still warps.

So my question is how can I fully eliminate the effect of warping?
If I change the bottom into this profile (see picture below) and print it directly on the build platform without support, would it help?

Block size is usually 100mm x 120mm x 20mm
layer resolution: 0.050mm

Hello LeonelYuan,

I have done many injection molds using formlabs high-temp resin and i can tell you this its going to warp to some degree no matter what you do.

What i have done in the past is added extra material to the base of my part in cad … then after curing the block I would machine the warped edge flat and to size.

Use a sharp tool (endmill, face mill,ect) at a very high speed or grind flat. both works good but produces a lot of dust so wear a mask.

You could also try printing directly on the build platform… only thing i would worry about is if it adheres to strongly it could fracture when you try to remove it.

Hopefully this helps

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Here’s the thing, liquid resin, turning to solid resin, Shrinks.

The larger the area of each layer, the larger the shrinkage forces are.
Moreover- when EVERY layer is equally large, then each successive layer is trying to add its shrinkage to the ones below it.

As the part builds, the first layers warp the most, because they are thin… but as it gets thicker the layers below become more resistant to bending- and so the warping seems to settle down, But not the tensile forces in the resin. Post curing can then exacerbate the warp as the resin body gets softer with heat and the tensile forces in the matrix can more readily bend the material.

As 3D above suggests, the simplest solution is to DESIGN for warpage and be prepared to machine surfaces that need to be exact. Just as cast Wrenches still have machined dimensions where they need accuracy.

Another trick to minimize warpage is to orient the piece to minimize the surface area of each layer as it prints.

Something like this I would print almost on edge, with one corner down and the opposite corner high, so that each cross section was as small as I could get it.


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