How accurate preform time is?

Hi ,

Why preform time changes every time when i click on the Print Time ? With generated support first the time was 6 hrs (50microns) but when i am clicking on Print Time its showing 4h 45 mins. which one will be the actual print time i am confused. Any idea ?

Hey @Creative3dminds!

If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind posting a screenshot or two of the different estimates? That might make it easier for me to identify the culprit in your specific case.

It’s not uncommon for estimates to adjust a little as you re-generate supports/orientation, and 4:45 vs. 6:00 isn’t the widest gulf I’ve heard of, but it’s definitely a decent difference.


Here are some screenshots – I just open one form job file in preform software (See the time in 2nd screenshot) and then i just rotate the viewport and click on the Print time (see the time in 1st screenshot) so i just want to ask why this much difference is coming ?