Honey, I shrunk the supercharger!

Hi everyone,

a friend of mine working in the Tesla Motors Superchargers asked for something unique to give away to his contractors for christmas. So based on some supercharger plans, came up with those mini versions including name and a thank you imprint.
Each Charger has a volume of around 40ml and only one of 10 chargers had a small fail (form1+).

Although I feel like I’m mostly fulfilling my friends printing ideas… :smile:


That’s awesome. I’d love to print one of those. I have a Tesla also and love it.

Haha, sure if you’d like to print it yourself, you can have the cad file! Takes two minutes to change the name, if you’d like the step or stl, I’m happy to give it to you. :smile:

This is so awesome! Thanks for posting!


Yeah, my ikea wireless charger is much faster now :yum:

Here is the charger in case you want to download it.

Charger_noName.stl (1.0 MB)

I have to say as a petrolhead this is a misleading Topic title. =P

Clever thank you and nice work!

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Come on, everyone in this forum is living in the future! :grin:

Whenever i see those chargers, i can’t help but think ”bottle opener”.
I know this will sound real tacky and cheap, but it would be funny to place a slot for a coin on the inside top so it can be used as one (as an easter egg). Would require printing them with functional resin, though, to make them actually… Err… Functional.


The future will come soon enough I’m in no rush.

In the meantime I’ll be slumming it over at GrabCAD looking for a pretty cut away turbocharger to print for my desk since you inadvertently turned me on to the idea. =D

@Ante_Vukorepa I think Tough would be able to open bottles without the use of a metal insert, unfortunately the sides of the model are thinner and might result in a strange, bendy model. Too bad we can’t switch resin mid print (theoretically possible but Murphy’s law says you will drip resin on your main mirror.)

Hahaha, challenge accepted :laughing: