Holy *&%$ Can we expect something a FormX like this?

that sounds interesting!

I’ll see still evaluating it at present considering as the cost of ownership (consumables and maintenance) from 3DS is just daft.
This could be of interest to yourself?

I know … I use a zprinter 650, now 3DS … what they charge for consumables is ridicolous!
Thanks for the link? How did you guess?

Looks like they’re using a 15" 1080p panel. Nothing exactly exotic. If they could have put a 4k panel that size in there things would be more interesting. There are 4k 15.6" laptops out there, so it’s not like they would have to have a custom panel made, but sourcing them and driving them still be difficult.

Thing is, the quality doesn’t look much better than a well tweaked FDM printer, yet consumables are significantly more expensive.

"Durable Resin Tank ; no need to change, built to the last. "

I am wondering how the peeling process works in Morpheus without PDMS. :no_mouth:

We cannot compare this to a FDM printer. IT definitively prints multiple parts on a larger built at better quality. Resigns are also easier to port process.
To me it looks like a machine for very large (number or size) print and decent quality. I do not see this useful for things like ring of miniatures with high detail that risks to be lost in post processing. The only (and much better) alternative to this is something like the zprinter650 or lower model (at 10x or more the price).

This said, I will not buy it and drop my pledge. The quality is not good enough for me. The project is not successful enough also to make sure they will be more than a maker (while formulas is a company since after kickstarter)

Yes after looking at the pixelated close up pix provided on KS sadly I pulled out as well. I like the idea esp. the print size, but the process will never get away from the pixelation element being that it is using an LCD screen, so the pixels can only get smaller but not disappear entirely. We need a smooth finish for our detail. Form1+ has that albiet at a very slow process and small print size for our needs.

Since I would have had to wait till Dec to receive it I am willing to bet on there being something better that will come along by the end of this year and when it does I dont want to be locked into LIPS technology.

Ideally i am waiting to see what CLIP technology will bring if they release it to consumers. Though I am a little skeptical and wondering whether or not that is a direction they are going to take as they seem to be more focused on the big money industrial and manufacturing. Or it may be made available but priced out of the average consumers range in order to favor manufacturers. Just thinking out loud but if you are going to sell to manufacturers I would think they need to protect their investment and it might be difficult to do if it was made available to the public at affordable pricing. I guess I will wait and see but it is the one that seems to have the most promise for our needs.

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I disagree the screen can be replaced with a high PPI OLED, which can be high enough you will not see the pixelation at all. Sony has released a 2098PPI OLED. That weighs in at 12.11um x 12.11um pixels. Trust me you won’t see those add some antialiasing and the surface will probably be cleaner than the Form1. Problem is those screens aren’t available in any size, you need Sony to make it to order. :smile:

Also positional precision does also effect the Form1. Just so you know.

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Nice as that would be unfortunately as far as the KS for Morpheus it does not look like this will be the case. I asked them about this in KS and this was their reply below.

“Per pixelation of the print, you’re correct. We cannot remove it completely even we use a very high resolution LCD (such as 50um in-pane resolution). However, we’ll be able to improve significantly if we adopt high resolution LCD. Also, we’re doing with two different approaches for ideal finish; (1) we’re diligently working with resin makers & chemists to realize the smoother finish. (2) we’re developing our own 3d printing software to pull out the best performance of the Morpheus. We believe we’ll be able to provide the solution to our customers in a year or so if we can get enough budgets.”

So unless an exotic screen, as you mention, were available at a reasonable price, which it is not, I just dont think LIPS is the tech path to invest in. Who knows in a year or so as they plan maybe they will pull it off but I will save my money for what comes later this year or next and have to be content with the Form1 until then. But this is a real heads up for FL and hopefully they are seeing the writing on the wall. I would be just as happy if FL were to have another breakthrough as I appreciate having the support found here. I would be happy to give them the money instead.

I would like to know more about the positional precision you mention, as I am new to FL.

I wasn’t actually suggesting buying in on the Morpheus, just saying the basic tech can be pushed pretty far in the future. As for the Form1+ remember the galvos are controlled by digital circuits, they have a finite number of rotational positions they can settle in. They can be in positions in between those but only temporarily while transitioning from one position to another. Thus they don’t have an infinitely high positional resolution. I don’t know what the resolution it has is but it’s high. The positional resolution will also vary from the front of the machine to the back, and from the left to the right due to the fact that the print surface is a planar intersection of an arc of positions.

Hope that helps.

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