Glass Tank


Great! Looking forward to try one … especially after my recent printer failure that costs me a couple of tanks :frowning:


Hi, Zak!

This is exciting. Count me in for one!
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@Time_Man Just sent you the email for my orders! Sounds promising. Would it be possible to use orange tinted glass for the sides, So no UV light leaks in for storage purpose? I’m currently creating lids for my old v1 tanks that I will be cncing or fdm printing. I will upload the model once finished. If not able to use orange tinted glass, I was thinking to wrap the vat sides in orange tape. “Kapton tape”. This is what I will be doing with my v1 resin tanks.


Or just make the sides black… No real need to see through them IMO.


Here is the link to the Plexiglass site .pdf
Optical and light transmission characteristics
This might help when shopping for the correct material.


I like being able to see how much resin I pour in. I have seen people use syringes to measure and dispense.


There already are height markers on the inside tank surface that solve the issue too, no? then color is not as important, and indeed it’s now possible and useful to make it as opaque as possible. The height marker might be better as a continuous line around the enitire inside of the tank though. This would eliminate the way the markers currently get in the way of the putty knife when cleaning.


I wonder if the acrylic tanks deflect a little and act like a prism so the light path is deflected off course just enough to cause problems where the glass tank doesn’t deflect.

You plan on selling the glass tanks?

Is it possible to use Teflon pads inside the glass tank instead of the PDMS?


Just a quick note, the reason borosillicate glass is usually brought up with regards to 3D printing is that the hot filament deposition methods use it to take the temperatures associated with this process. The form 1+ has no need for handling high heat, only to be strong enough so that it will stay in one piece and not drip resin onto the mirror below.


I just got a new version of the glass tank from Zak, for testing. It has PVC sides, a soda-lime (regular window glass) window, and polycarbonate slides on the bottom. It should be considerably cheaper to make than the borosilicate version, but I wonder if the heat from curing the silicone will affect the components (we shall see…)

It doesn’t have a way to see the resin level through the front; the next version will probably have a polycarbonate panel there. It would be nice if it was orange; I’m not sure if it comes that way, though. The orange tape might be a workaround. The problem with Plexiglas (acrylic) is that it’s attacked by isopropynol, so it’s difficult to clean out tanks made with that material. So far, people who have tried using Teflon instead of the silicone PDMS layer haven’t had much luck with it. One problem is that it’s really difficult to adhere it to the tank bottom; it famously won’t stick to anything.

I’ll post an update when I’ve put this thing through its paces; it’s looking promising,

Andrew Werby


Heat of any part of the process really shouldn’t be an issue with any glass. I’ve used plain window glass for a build plate on a reprap with ABS (glass heated to 105c, filament deposited around 200c.) Without much trouble. I think it eventually fails, but that’s temp cycling to 100c and back to room temp dozens of times.


I’d be highly interested in one as well!


Hi Zak,

I am interested in tank, as I can contact you?


Roberto and Owen- yes, of course you can contact me. Write me at [email protected] .

To everyone else, we are still designing and testing. Will have more information soon, stay tuned and thanks for your patience.



Would the glass make a better result in detail In the print?


unlikely, but it will keep working like a new tank (e.g. harder to scratch, unaffected by IPA, etc.) longer. Theoretically indefinitely, but of course you’ll still need to resurface them.


Count me in for one or two glass tanks! :wink:


I’ll surely buy this, just want to wait till the results on the latest version appear. The Form1 tanks are… not as good as expected so far, so this is a great development!


I’d be very interested in buying one of these. I’m down.


Hi Everybody- Just an update as I know it’s been a while. I’ve been working steadily despite the radio silence, sorting through the various material and design options. I’ve gone through a couple different prototypes, and have come upon a new design that Is looking great and I’m hoping is the final one. Still have a little work to do, but I think we’re just about there.

As things stand, I’m hoping to have the final design ready for sale around mid July. Either way I’ll give an update at that time. I’m not ready to put a price on it until I’ve got things nailed down, but will let you know that as soon as I can.

Thanks to all of you who have emailed me, I’ve got you logged and will be in touch here as well as over email. Looking forward to sharing these with you soon!

Best regards,