Fuse – Part baskets

It would be cool to put parts from a subassembly inside an print-in-place cage/basket that was numbered or marked with a name. That way you can print multiple sub-assemblies and keep them segregated while passing through post processing. Just a simple way to get part control during the manufacturing process.

Can also be combined with my print queue idea, but each basket could correspond to a different user. Would work nice in a prototyping/educational environment when you have a ton of people queuing up parts. Sort by user/department/project and put in inside a marked basket.

This is a pretty neat idea. It somewhat limits the efficiency of part packing assuming that the cages are printed flat in the X and Y axis. You could batch parts into cages that only surround the parts but this might be easier to do in whichever design suite you’re using rather than having an autonomous algorithm within the print software. In any case, I’ll forward this to the Fuse team!

Thinking about this from a different angle. You could generate supports that would connect the parts together. Think gates in a mold. Maybe use some of the existing support generation to manually attach groups of parts.

Then allow us to duplicate this new attached assembly to fill the build volume.

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21st century dreamer: Recognize the parts through a camera, since you already have the geometry, then notify the owner with an attachment of the picture.