Formlabs has acquired Micronics

We’re excited to announce that today Formlabs acquired Micronics. If you haven’t heard, Micronics is a startup aiming to make SLS printing more accessible, a mission very aligned with our own. We welcome Micronics’ founders, Henry Chan and Luke Boppart, into the Formlabs family where they will join our R&D team to help Formlabs deliver the most reliable, versatile and intuitive SLS 3D printers to our customers.

To learn more about this exciting news, read our announcement and watch this video with Formlabs co-founder and CEO Max Lobovsky and Micronics’ co-founder and CEO Henry Chan.


Does this mean Formlabs will offer a SLS printer under $3000 in the near future?



HeyGears only appears to make resin based machines; we’re chatting about powder based systems.