Form3 - let's do a proper comparison with Form2 - how good is "LFS"?

Could you elaborate which parts you think look WAY better on the Form2 grey than on the Form 3 black?

Grey tends to look smoother but actually has some pitting or roughness that hides the layer lines. Keep in mind, this is an image from a microscope…

The left and lower edge of the F3 black 25um part was a bit damage in washing and should have been mentioned.

To me overall there are way more positive points to the Form 2 than the 3. I highlighted a few below. General sharpness seems better Boxes look more square.

A few areas I like are highlighted below. Thats not to say the top one doesnt win on any counts but overall I`d much prefer my prints looked like the form 2 just now.


I’ve been using primarily grey V4 50 micron on my Form 3 and have been frustrated w/ the “fuzziness” of the prints. I checked back on this forum and saw all the talk about black being better so I switched back to black after many months again and I can confirm what folks are saying here that black 50 micron is far superior to grey 50 micron on Form 3.

I’ve attached some photos of a print I’ve been using to compare them:

Pretty disappointing that it’s taking this long to dial in the resins for the Form 3, but when they are dialed in it is pretty impressive.

This looks like a comparison on the bottom of the prints? I have been having some “fuziness” on the bottom of my prints as well in V4 Grey but the rest of the print is great.