Form3 evaluation

SO here are the latest prints.I added more supports to the inside of the boxes per Formlabs engineers.I still have the same issues with layer shifts. I also made a solid box and it also had very similar layer shifting.This definitely not a support issue.This is a problem that currently does not seem to have a solution.If Formlabs cant fix this it will make this printer useless for me.

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The most frustrating part about the Form2 and clear resin is removing the supports without chipping the resin.

We print a ton of stuff on a farm of Form 2 printers using Grey and Black resin. We have found that soaking the newly-printed parts in 60C water for 30 minutes (before IPA wash or curing) makes the supports flaccid so that they can be simply pulled off the part like wet spaghetti noodles, without need for clippers and without leaving divots in the surface of the part. Haven’t tried this with clear resin yet but it’s worth a shot. Saves a ton of time and headache when it comes to processing lots of parts.


Yikes. Yeah that’s bad.

I heard back from Support yesterday but it was a short message saying they would be sending my file off to the engineering team. I was told I would probably hear back later in the morning but… here we are, TODAY, and no word.

Side question…

New tool? Do you mean the magnetic mixer, or did I miss something? I didn’t order a new Finish Kit - is there a plastic spatula or something in it?

Yeah, a grey tool that you need to click together. Don’t use the spatula, it will damage the tank (guess how I know, lol)

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yes there is a new tool.It was in one of the wash tanks that came with the Form3.I almost threw it away until I read how to clean the new is 2 pieces of soft plastic that click together.I will take a picture later on.It works very well picking up rafts of cured resin

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