Form2 vs Form3 reliability


I have a Form2 and the printers works really great, 100% success, really happy with it.
I need a new one to produce more so I thought that an upgrade with the Form3 should be a good idea but I read a lot of not so good reviews, most of them due to the new flexible system who cause some layers or other problems.
If you have/had both, what is your point of view :nerd_face:

I have had my Form3 for a month or so now. In fact the day after I took shipment the Form3+ released (I was a little miffed by this development)

I have done several dozen prints to date on my printer and I have and just one true fail (and that one was my fault – I did a poor job of supporting it). I have other “fails” listed on my dashboard, but these were me cancelling a job before it got started.

I am very pleased with the printer and my skills at optimizing prints for the device continue to improve. I am waiting on the new build platform (March). To me that was one of the most significant changes made in the “+” model – and one can simply add it on to the 3.

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I’ve had my Form3+ for a couple of months. It has exceeded my expectations. I have had no failed prints. The quality of the prints is astonishing.

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