Form Wash with anything other than IPA?


I contacted DOW for distributors of TPM in my area and they denied to do business with me since I am not a registered business owner. Is TPM only available to business exclusively?


I have tried reaching out to DOW as well. They refused to discuss selling the material since I am a home based business. It did not matter that I have a business license and LLC. I have yet to find a distributor. Maybe I just do not know how to look up the correct distributors on the internet. I am located in Birmingham, Al.


For TPM we use 15 minutes for most materials. Glad to hear DPM is working for you. We just can’t recommend it due to the damage it causes to the Form Wash. It is compatible with our resins though.


As mentioned above, DPM and Yellow Magic will eat the powder coating, but it may have other effects as well, especially when mixed with resins. Basically use at your own risk in the Form Wash.

To your other question, TPM, DPM, and IPA are solvents. They actually dissolve the components of the resin into solution. Yellow Magic 7 seems to mostly act as a detergent and keep removed resin from re-depositing on the part. That’s why it works well with ultrasonic cleaners.

Mechanical filtration of the solvents won’t remove the dissolved components, but it may remove pigments and other large particles that could extend the life of your solvent somewhat.


I was able to purchase TPM from JR Hess, its sold in 5 gallon drums at $410 each. They did not ask a bunch of questions about my usage like the Dowanol vendors so maybe they are more home business friendly. I plan to put TPM in the form wash and water in an ultrasonic. The TPM leaves a greasy film on the parts before the water bath, is a degreaser used in the water or does plain water remove that? If a degreaser would help reduce contaminated water waste that would be helpful.