Form Labs Form 2 Printer For Sale **MINT CONDITION**

Hey All,

If anyone is interested purchasing a very lightly used Form 2 Printer, please inquire via email or phone
Phone: 610-845-2664

The Printer has been used for a total of 10 prints and is fully operational. The box in which it was originally shipped is included along with various resins and trays.

how much and location?

$3200 - You get 3 Resin Trays, 2 Build Plates, 3 Resins, The entire wash Kit, and the Printer box is still around. Located in Barto,PA

too close to price of new one and I have code for discount

Its a close price, but with more included. A new One does not include all the items in which you would get with this. If you send me a reasonable offer

2 Build Plates
3 Resin Trays w/ Wipers
3 Resins
Full Wash Kit

These are all included for a price that is lower than that of a new printer

Not to be the devil’s advocate but the printer already includes 1 BP, 1 resin tray, 1 resin cartridge and the full wash kit in the standard price… which is 2850$ since the announcement of the Form 3.

Your offer is hardly reasonable, just saying that because you are very unlikely to get rid of it at that price :wink:

So in essence you are getting an additional Build Plate, 2 Resin Trays, 2 resins. If you send me a counter offer, I am more than willing to negotiate a price.