Form Finish Kit

Hi everybody!! I have just buyed a second hand Form 1+ printer…and have a question about Form Finish Kit, the one I have here is a bit dirty…the boxes don’t close properly…and I don’t know if is possible to buy another finish kit…or the people that has renew it, how do you do it?
Thanks guys

Contact the support and they will be more than helpful.

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I’ve reached out to our support team and you’ll be receiving an email from us shortly. Your Finish Kit certainly shouldn’t arrive dirty and will want to establish how this happened as well as get you a clean and functional one.

Thanks a lot Frew, but the printer I buyed was second hand and the finish kit was dirty with resin (I buyed it to another guy), isn’t your fault! I spend a couple of hours cleaning it with alcohol and looks much better!
Thanks a lot for your response!