Form 4 Loyalty Upgrade

The blazing fast Form 4/B is here! For any current Form 2 and Form 3 series printer owners, we’d like to say thank you for continuing to grow with Formlabs by offering you $/€/£/CHF 1,000 toward Form 4/B materials and accessories when you make a Form 4/B purchase.

Form 4/B offers:

  • Up to 4x faster print speeds compared to Form 3
  • A 30% larger build volume
  • Longer-lasting consumables
  • Materials that start at a lower price point
  • Unmatched print success rates
  • The same intuitive workflow you know and love

Contact Sales or Your Authorized Reseller to upgrade today.

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nice offer that we can buy a printer then get a credit to buy from you again.
better offer $1500 loyalty off on a FL4
best offer $2500 off on FL4 with a FL2 or FL3 trade in

Must admit it’s the only way that I would buy.

i ordered my form 4 three weeks ago and this was not an option then apparently, would love to get this applied retroactively or credited back to my card.

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Hi! Can you provide me with your printer’s serial number and I’ll get someone from our team to reach out to you?


Better option would be a “loyalty” Open Materials License for ANY existing Formlabs owner. It doesn’t cost Formlabs ANYTHING to issue a code, and the value to us is huge. The fact that we’ll have to pay thousands more for the “privilege” of using third party resins is a dealbreaker. My Form 2 let me use ANY resin for FREE.

I was getting ready to finally upgrade from my Form 2, but the OML made me start looking at other options.

I couldn’t agree more regarding “looking elsewhere ” there are a number of other potential printers out there now.
I’ve had both FL2 and have a FL3 at the moment but the cost of the FL4 just doesn’t equate to making a profit from it.
Just doesn’t make sense.

Hi! sorry for the late reply, my printer is Holistic Finch!

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Flagged to our sales team, they should reach out soon!

Form 1, Form 2, Form3 User. SN=AgileDuck

Thank you very much

Yes, I agree with you completely. I’m a form 2 owner and lost interest in Form Labs years ago after having to spend way too much to have it replaced twice. The fact that they have demonstrated no interest in loyalty towards the very people that kept them in business in the early days is very disappointing and leaves me feeling disrespected. At this point I’ll just hack the thing for a project one day. I will also never recommend them and have been frankly sharing my experience with many others - likely discouraging many potential buyers. They are earning their bad reputation.

Form 2 owner and Form 3+ owner. I too replaced my FL 3 several times under warranty, Now that my warranty expired. Not sure what I’ll do.
I have an Elegoo Jupiter. It needs a lot of adjustment to work and Chitubox, the slicer, is a pain to use.