Form 3L Wash Station minimum temp

I have just had a Form 3 L Wash Station replaced as it proved impossible to update the Firmware.
Subsequently the new unit is now showing me an “error” that my solvent (TPM) is at a temperature that is less than 18 degrees C, It may be a new “feature” caused by the new firmware, as I have never seen this before.

FL says that the wash station is “calibrated” at 18C as below that the solvent is more viscous, but I now can’t use the unit as my workshop sits at less than 18C, hence the solvent is “too cold”. In actuality, it does mean that at any other temperature, apart from 18C, wash times will be wrong.

FL response was to move the unit into an area where it’s above 18C, I have suggested in my lounge next to the TV!!

Why is a minimum temp needed? FL have no proper “engineering related” reply to this. Anybody else had similar issues?

Hi @cjsaunders,

In addition to the viscosity of the solvent as you mentioned, I would assume that the solvent monitor requires the solvent to be within a certain temperature range to get accurate concentration readings. Depending on whether you can dismiss the particular error you received, you may be able to use the Wash L without the solvent concentration measurement. Otherwise, moving the Wash L to a warmer location would be the best way to work around this issue.

Well, the concentration of the solvent can’t change with temperature (viscosity yes, concentration no), it is what it is, and yes, you can still use the wash station with the error, but that’s not the point is it!

There is little point in having a specific TPM or IPA selection for the solvent if the only way one can use it (to avoid the 18C minimum temp), is to use the “Custom” option. So realistically the wash station might as well just have a manual timer on it and no option to select different solvents, as there is little point in having suggested times for different materials (again, or different selectable solvents).

The ability to lower the temperature threshold on the solvent would sort all this. Their “bandwidth” of temp is 18 to 28C, whereas it’s highly likely that many people really want a lower temp start-point, and never get anywhere near 28C.

I just don’t see any justifiable logic in FL fixing this minimum temp at 18C.



The concentration can change. As it washes the leftover resin from your parts, the solvent can become saturated. This is the common problem with the regular wash stations. As the resin saturation increases, your solvent becomes less effective. As for the temperature required for a concentration measurement, I wouldn’t know about that… but as the temperature drops, your solvent (because of the resin in it) will begin to thicken. Temperature and concentration are now working against you on two fronts.
Personally, I would find a curtain enclosure for your work area, and get a space heater. Only activate it when you start printing, that way the ambient temp is ready for your wash cycle. I wouldn’t put it near my TV… that’s messy.

My point was the concentration can’t change with temperature. Nothing more.

ahh, yes. I see. Sorry. I get lost in my own thoughts and sometime forget how I should answer.

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