Form 3 Vs Form 3+

When I ask Formlabs Services, they told me that there is very little difference between 3 and 3+ .

The Form 3+ has minor mechanical improvements over the Form 3. The majority of the improvements in laser power and print speed come from the software which was released on all Form 3/3B and 3+/3B+ printers.

But I have a hard time believing this statement, because if it’s only a small change, it shouldn’t be necessary to update the whole model and make their parts model mismatch. The parts of the Form 3 and Form 3+ do not match, making it impossible to upgrade the Form 3 to the Form 3+ by simply changing the hardware.

But their difference is really only minor mechanical changes?
Can you tell me if you know more details and tests result?

Thank you for your help .

Hi @Zb_2022,

Here is our blog post breaking down all of the differences, including a video with more information. I hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply and help, I have seen this article too.
But the official test articles and comparisons are always nice.

I hope there are other users who have actually used both machines and post more realistic comparisons and tests.

Since in the early years, I purchased 2 Form3 printer without very clear many comparisons, the result was a big mistake.

Comments that can be seen on the Internet, its (Form3) performance is not as much better as Form2, and it has not been able to “improve” the so-called performance by updating Preform.

As an 2019 early user who believed in Formlab and bought it, we are confident that there are some issues that Formlab will be successfully resolved, and there may be some updates.
But the results were not satisfactory, the final update was to roll out Form3+, and the remaining problems of Form3 were still frustrating.

So, now when I’m buying, I’d like to refer to more opinions. To make sure not to be misled and make the wrong decision.

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Hi @Zb_2022,

I am sorry to hear that you have been having some performance issues with your Form 3; if you haven’t already, I would reach out to our Support Team to see if there is something that can be done to help improve its performance. I did find this very in-depth article that goes into the Form 3+ and shares his experience; I hope this helps!

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