Form 3 Remote Prime and/or remember primed status after power down/up

Hi, I searched forum for Prime and Priming but no results found, I thought a bit odd… Anyway…

I understand the logic behind the Prime requirement, but there should be some exceptions.

The printer is located at work, but want to be able to prime it ready to print from home - there is a site to site VPN connection so it is a ‘direct’ connection rather than Remote printing through the cloud.

It can go several days before a print may be done, so I also have the printer on a ‘smart socket’ where we can remotely turn the printer off to save the 23W or so power it continually uses (even in sleep/power save!)

Can the printer firmware be able to remember the primed state between power state changes - so that on power up after previously being primed, it stays primed… Alternatively (with lots of warnings and OK boxes), can Preform remotely set the Primed status?

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