Form 3 Orthographic drawing



I am investigating having a custom fabric cover made for my Form3 when it arrives.

I obviously am unable to take measurements until then, but I would like to have the cover made, ready for it’s arrival.

What I need is a detailed set of dimensions, especially where the slanted faces are concerned. I would really appreciate it if someone can run a tape measure over their machine, and put together a basic drawing showing the dimensions and angles.

Thanks for your help!

Harley McAlister



Great idea! Does this help? Drawings aren’t to scale but measurements should be within a few mm. Perhaps someone can check double check them. If it works out, I’d love to get one, too.

EDIT: Here’s a coarse OnShape model. I plugged in only the measurements I’m more confident in, so it’s probably more accurate. You’ll want to leave some clearance anyway, so hopefully this is good enough for your purposes. Note I didn’t attempt to measure the fillets.


Talk about going above and beyond!

Thanks so much for the photo markups and the Onshape drawing, that is exactly what I was looking for!


Harley McAlister


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